before history, we danced

we know that prehistoric humans danced together. for over 5000 years artists depicted their prehistoric communities using a motif of dancing figures, often moving in circles around a pot or a bowl. at a time of global individualisation and subjectivity, this choreography also identifies a community of dancing figures as the art subject.

a community is made of individuals. freedoms are found within a structure. a group of students and people from the city have been dancing together, searching for a movement that makes us feel part of something larger than ourselves.

'the prehistoric ritual dancer did not believe in her god(s), she knew them, because, at the height of group ecstasy, they filled her with their presence. dionysus did not ask followers for their belief or faith, but called on them to apprehend him directly, to let him enter, in all his madness and glory, their bodies and their minds.'

'acid house was when we stopped trying to find a good time and learnt how to be one. no one was left out. everyone was the centre.'

- will dickie

roles: choreographer, performer, facilitator.

photos by julia bauer.