i exist, at least for now

'audience swept up in dan cox's beautiful and moving story telling' - janette harkess, rcs

I am looking into a mirror and I notice that the skin on my face is beginning to age. but I feel proud of the aging skin on my face because it has lived and grown and each line on my forehead and beneath my eyes reminds me that I exist. at least for now. and there is an ocean that is blue and violet and made of shapes and pixels. and I think about you. and I want to hold your hand. but there is nothing I can do because we do not know how to connect.

i exist, at least for now is a duet between an old, broken c.r.t. t.v. monitor and a man, exploring how due to modern technological advances, we have lost the ability to connect with each other in a tangible, physical, compassionate way.

i exist, at least for now premiered at the pearce institute as part of into the new 2019.

roles: devisor, performer. 

available for bookings.