the king of  rags and stitches

(take me somewhere)

'three princes inhabit a dark stage dressed in dusty ghost-like costumes. all attempting to stage their own version of the shakespearean play 'hamlet' the work tosses and turns between bickering children, mansplaining condescension, tender reflections on ophelia's death and alternative presentations of hamlet's famous speech. wrapped in its own blind self-importance, it is a damning parody of the boring and age old male echo-chamber that can be the theatre, and performed by a cast of men, seeks to pull it down from the inside.'

- peter mcmaster

this work was first presented as a scratch at national theatre of scotland's rockvilla studios and then performed as part of the take me somewhere festival in the britannia panopticon. 

performers: craig manson, dan cox, murray wason.


choreographer/assistant director: louise ahl.


artistic director: peter mcmaster.

dramaturge: nic green.

photos: julia bauer.